HostGator and Bluehost Black Friday: Discounts on Web Hosting Plans

HostGator is known as one of the most popular web hosting company of current times. Now you can enjoy a cheap web hosting service along with this popular company in the black Friday 2014 session. As we know that the Friday following the thanksgiving day is known as the Black Friday, HostGator has brought some special discounts for shared hosting plan on this day.


On the Black Friday 2014: http://besthostgatorcouponcode.com/hostgator-black-friday-coupon/ , HostGator is going to provide the maximum discount to its customers. Like the previous years, the buyers can get up to 80% discounts on Black Friday. So, if you had any plan of buying web hosting service, you can select HostGator black Friday to get the best service at the cheapest price. You have to pay in cents only to use the service of a worldwide reputed company.

Before buying any service, you should know all the details of it. Read all the web hosting review on http://hostingdecisions.com So, some features of the shared plans of HostGator have been mentioned here.

1. Hatchling Plan:

Hatchling Plan is the best plan for the newcomers as it is the cheapest plan among all the plans offered by HostGator. This plan is actually meant for a single domain, which means you can run only one website using this plan. There are some other features available with this plan, they are-

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Shared SSL Certificate
  • Limited email accounts
  • No sub-domains

If you wish to buy and use this plan, you can use the anytime HostGator 20% promo code. This code will help you to use the hatchling plan for only 1 cent and validity is one month.

2. Baby Plan:

If you need to use unlimited domains, you can try baby plan. It will allow you to use unlimited number of domains. The other features are-

  • Unlimited Space (Disk)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Simple to use Control Panel
  • Unlimited email and FTP accounts
  • Unlimited domains

3. Business Plan:

The third plan is called the business plan and you can get maximum facilities using this plan. Do you have a big project? Then this is the perfect plan for you. The features of this project are-

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited email and FFT accounts
  • Private IP
  • Toll Free Number for the site

The sale of the Black Friday will begin at 12.01 AM on the 29 of this month and the offer will be valid for only 24 hours. On the midnight, the coupon code for black Friday will be generated and you can grab a discount up to 86% using that code. Hope you can enjoy the best web hosting service by HostGator black Friday.

Bluehost Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer

Bluehost also offering huge discount on these days. This year through their Bluehost Black Friday discount 2014 and Bluehost Cyber Monday 2014, the company is planning to offer maximum discount coupons to their esteemed customers. The festive season has never been better! With their 50-80% discount on their deals, customers can expect to acquire a web hosting service from the company by paying 50-80% of the plan.

This offer will start with Thanks Giving Day (27th November 2014) and this sale will continue till Cyber Monday (1st December 2014). Best luck to grab it.


Free Hosting or Paid Hosting – Which one is better?

So if you are going to purchase a web hosting plan, you are likely to be doing a lot of researches now. Probably the first confusion arises with this – if a free hosting is going to do the job or you have to pick a paid hosting option. Websites are kind of abstract, there’s no physical appearance – at least that’s what it seems like. That is why most people wouldn’t understand the actual monetary values of it and thus, they will end up with the confusion – why would a website ever require money?


That’s a different argument, but we are here to discuss if you should go for a free hosting or a paid hosting.

Free Hosting Platforms

For beginners and absolute noobs, these two blogging platforms have been there for a long time. There are many apart from these two but in terms of popularity, these names are long known.

WordPress provides some very advanced features as well but they are mostly well known for providing a pre-made website environment where you can just start up with blogging. Unfortunately, you don’t get any custom controls. Rather, you will be all dependent on how WordPress and Blogger run their website. No ad revenue for you because you won’t be allowed to put your own ads. Instead, they might put their ads and make money off your website. The irony!

When you sign up for a website in either of these websites, you basically sign up for a sub domain! Your website domain will be followed by their domain name so the website name you pick in fact turns into a sub domain.

This is the reason why you should not go with a free hosting. The only reason you should go for a free web hosting is – you do it only as a hobby and you don’t expect any revenue off of it. A free web host will take all your duty and set you free – if that’s what you need then a free hosting is for you.

Paid Hosting Platforms

WordPress doubles as a paid hosting as well. In fact, WordPress based hosting plans are the most popular ones. But when you sign up for the free option, you get a free domain. For the paid option you get to choose your own domain.

Apart from these, you are free to choose any plugins from their gallery. You can even make your own and use them on your websites. If you know website coding then you won’t be disappointed since WordPress allows tuning your website. Security is taken care by WordPress but you can stick your nose into that business as well. Not only WordPress but other paid options too! WordPress comes as an optional yet very necessary plugin with most hosting services nowadays.

Putting your own ads is possible on paid web hosting services without any or much restriction. Just get approved with an ad client that puts ads on websites and then work hard to bump up your viewer count. By the end of the month, earn your revenue. Kind of simple!

While signing up for a paid hosting service you have to check things like bandwidth, storage space, monthly visit allowance etc. Now you are paying for all these services and the company is not going to look after these for you. Choose the highest worth for your money.


Free website hosting options are only better for very few cases while the paid options are mostly fruitful. If you are not going for a personal blog, you should purchase a paid hosting plan.