With all different types of hosting services and plans popping around, you get to know few of them with in depth information. Dedicated hosting is not new, been around for a long time and used by people requiring high end back-end support for websites. On the contrary, Virtual Machine Manager is a software ecosystem developed by Microsoft that lets IT individuals gain control over any virtual or hardware infrastructure they have set up for any purpose, including servers as well. People with well possession of technology stuff will understand everything broadly, however the whole things is actually easy for everyone to understand. We have compiled data that a website owner might need to know.

Dedicated Hosting and Vmm

Dedicated Web Hosting

In dedicated web hosting services, everything you pay for is dedicated starting from the hard drive space to the bandwidth you get to avail. You basically purchase specific amount of space in an entire server itself and enjoy the fullest benefit it gets, without splitting up anything with any other users. This service is costly because it is solely for an individual. Due to this nature of dedicated hosting services, they are mostly used by the larger enterprises, large scale business organizations or anyone who has a considerably larger amount budget to pay for website hosting.

Also, security concerned people would prefer dedicated hosting service over shared because there are standalone and dedicated security features in such servers which isn’t available in shared. However, for more secured less priced options, cloud hosting might be considered.

Features in Dedicated Hosting Servers

The websites won’t share any single resources with other people using the same company’s hosting service. This ensures your data security remaining at the top levels where you need to worry about a single thing. The best part is, you can choose your own security preferences and set up your own security software.

Also, the flexibility is quite fantastic. It’s just a server you own by paying a monthly rental, so you are at liberty to do any settings modification to suit up your needs. You get your own IP address for your website which helps people reach your website at ease.

On the backup issue, every dedicated hosting account gets a backup FTP to store every bit of data. In case the primary server ever goes down, every data could be fetched from the FTP backup.

Virtual Machine Manager

Microsoft released this software back in 2008 and it’s still a very functional one for managing your hardware infrastructures, the servers in this case. To maximize the capacity of your server to the fullest and make the most use of whatever resources are available, the Virtual Machine Manager can have great contribution. Other than the management features, the VMM software could also be used for planning and running the whole system infrastructure.

If there are many servers under your possession, you might just merge them all under one host for easier maintenance. If you got previous virtual machines, they will be covered under the same software’s control coverage. PRO, which stands for ‘Performance and Resource Optimization’ allows keeping an eye on virtual IT infrastructure using this very platform. Even the modern day cloud hosting and computing features are compatible.


Few of the above mentioned features might be outdated but they still work out as great as they should be. The VMM almost seamlessly fit into today’s web hosting technology and dedicated hosting is the place where you can put this software to most use. Everything together makes using dedicated web hosting service a good deal.