WPEngine is the leader in managed hosting that focuses only on WordPress. Many companies have shifted their company website to WPEngine and have never looked back. WPEngine impresses everyone with the fast speed and efficient features provided. It is financially beneficial and provides great tools for designers to setup their environments. Some might consider WPEngine to be rather expensive, however with a host of deals and discounts WP Engine removes this hindrance as well from WebHostingFind blog. Here are a number of reasons to choose WP Engine as your managed hosting provider.

wp engine review

Easy Staging Environment And Setup
A staging environment is nothing but a development area that does not affect the live functionality of your website. This area can be used to make modifications to your website and can be deployed easily to the production website as well. WPEngine eliminates the need for manual migration from your test site to your production site. Work can be done on the test site without affecting live functioning of your business site.

Lightning Speed
WPEngine is the fastest among all the WordPress hosting service providers. WPEngine is efficient and fast right from the backend tools to the customer-facing website. Setting up a CDN improves the speed and efficiency even further.

Tools For WordPress
WPEngine provides the best set of tools and plug-ins for WordPress that make it standout among other service providers. Some of the tools are:

  • SSL Certification: Adding an SSL certification to the site is extremely easy and affordable. You can even use wp engine coupon codes to pay for this additional cost.
  • Image Caching: WPEngine uses its proprietary caching technology and there is no need to install any additional third party plug-ins.
  • Malware Scan & Firewall Protection: These tools are provided as add-ons and can be installed with a single click. This eliminates the need to install additional plug-ins.
  • Password Protected Website: This is as easy as child’s play and no coding is necessary as well.

Restore Points And Backups
When working on a live website, there is always a fear of breaking the coding. WPEngine provides restore points with its efficient backup system WPEngine creates automatic restore points whenever any changes are made to a website. Restore points can also be set-up manually depending on the need.

Security Warnings & Notifications
WPEngine continually scans your site for any unsupported plug-ins or any security threats. Users will receive automated notifications if a plug-in needs to be updated or if a WordPress update is available.

Excellent Support
WPEngine excels in the level of customer support provided by them. They eliminate the need to call every single time, with a readily available library of common questions and resolutions. WPEngine uses the support ticket mechanism, which means that each complaint would get equal and deserved attention.

Manage Multiple Clients
If you are supporting multiple clients, there is no need to create separate login credentials for each of them. WPEngine makes toggling between multiple client installs extremely easy and efficient.