Hi, I am Mark Schmitt from Lenexa and a lecturer in an engineering college. I love my job and treat my students as friends. Besides, I am blessed with two beautiful daughter. I love reading and dancing. I am a very active person and also encourage my students to take active part in various cultural activities. I also choreographed songs for annual function of college. I also love cooking and tasting variety of cuisines. Spending time with my children make me happy and also motivates me to live life happily.

I started blogging after my students encouraged me to write on soft communication skills. Therefore, I created my own blog and started writing on topics for the same. I have also received tremendous response and feedback from the readers across the globe. This further helps me to research well on these topics and write details article on them. Besides, it helps me to earn some extra income. So, if you are also looking forward to earn some extra income, contact me and we can write quality articles through my blog.


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