SiteGround has a wide range of service plans, in different categories. In this review, we are focusing on the Shared Hosting Plans and Cloud Hosting Plans, and indicating the prominent difference between them, as well as shading some light on the pros and cons as well. The website hosting technology has gone through several major changes, and now we have cloud hosting technology. It’s almost like a shared hosting service, but based on cloud computing for more efficient reachability, flexibility and convenience. Cloud hosting services are more expensive than the regular shared hosting plans, but that’s totally worth every penny. If you need some discount, coupon codes by affiliate marketers could be of much help.

Shared Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting

SiteGround: Shared and Cloud Hosting Plans

Before getting into the technological details, let’s focus on the pricing and plans for the shared and cloud hosting plan categories.

SiteGround has three shared hosting plans, namely – StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek. The first one is available for only $6.95/month, provides 10 GB of HDD space and unlimited monthly bandwidth, only one domain registration. GrowBig belongs to a slightly higher tier, and it’s priced $9.95/month. These plans can be bought with the huge discount coupons from SelectedHosting website. The offerings are 20 GB hard drive space, unlimited monthly bandwidth and multiple domain registration. GoGeek is almost similar, the only difference is it comes with 30 GB hard drive space and the pricing is $14.95/month.

Under the Cloud Hosting category, SiteGround has four server categories. They are divided by names – Entry, Business, Business Plus and Enterprise. Since more people are getting into Cloud Hosting these days, it was necessary to have different plans with marginal price gap, and inclusion and exclusion of feature for added flexibility. The pricing starts at $60/month for the Entry plan; rest are – $80/month for Business, $100/month for Business Plus and $140/month for Enterprise. The server PC configuration gets better with the increment in pricing.

Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of SiteGround shared and cloud hosting plans.


  • SiteGround uses a very fast hardware based platform which offers superfast speed. All the servers in SiteGround are Linux based, thus it takes some advanced level knowledge in server management.
  • Scalability is a major convenience in SiteGround hosting plans. Cloud servers are usually automatically scalable, the resources expand among demand. However for shared hosting plans, users get the freedom to switch to different plans that suits their needs.
  • Daily backup is an exciting feature that all hosting providers should offer. Usually such backups are taken on weekly or monthly interval on other hosting services, but not SiteGround. It’s daily!
  • CloudFlare CDN provides the servers against intruders and attacks like DDoS.
  • The Customer Support department of SiteGround has always been praised for prompt guidance.


The pricing of SiteGround hosting plans are quite higher; both the shared and cloud hosting plans. Of course the coupon codes help a lot, but officially they come with a large number in the price tag. The best part is, there’s no hidden charge alongside the price tag; and SiteGround is very transparent about their pricing.


Giving SiteGround a try wouldn’t do any harm to a business – that could be totally certified. From resources to service output – SiteGround is nearly perfect. You can check an article about SiteGround Vs Godaddy here. Also if the confusion must remain, you could always rely on the 0 days money refund program.